Our Story
Joseph and Kiss Cooperage was started by two industrious tradesman in post war Hungary. Since modern machinery did not exist, everything was produced by hand. Using a special tool which resembled a curved knife, and a hand held planer, they were able to carve out superb quality staves.

The Unique high quality barrels were fired to perfection and sold to discriminating wine makers across the country. In 1962 Satoralijaujhely became the new home of J&K Cooperage. After Joseph’s death in 1966 Andras and his aunt Elizabeth took over the cooperage business. 

While they started using modern machinery, the old tradition of strict quality control remained extremely important to the relatively small cooperage. Recognized for their high -quality and craftsmanship, J&K barrels were sold worldwide, including Canada and the United States. Today, the European oak species Quercues Patraea, which is found in Hungarian forests of the Zemplen Hills, is used in our barrel making.